Welcome to Spartan911Tactical.com

We are a full serviced, state approved training facility, teaching Illinois Carry and Conceal Licensing classes.
We offer several classes and class times as well as:

  • Private Lessons
  • Advanced gun classes for all adults
  • Women's self defense classes
  • Indoor full service shooting range
  • Range is for students enrolled in our classes only

What makes Spartan911Tactical unique?

  • We service the guns
  • We service the ammo
  • We give you your guide
  • We feed you
  • We teach not only how to conceal and carry a weapon safely, but how to protect yourself as well.

Contact Us

8337 E 1250th Road Granville, IL 61326

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Classes Offered

Classes are offered both day and night!
8AM - 4PM & 4PM - midnight
$100 non-refundable deposit required

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